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Local Food Staple: Shakespeare’s Business is Booming



Fresh and Local ingredients have kept business booming for Shakespeare’s Pizza. Employees and customers alike believe that the pizza joint is a food staple in Columbia. Danny Stewart tells us why this pie is popping.


LOCALPIZZA0622                              TRT: 2:30    SOC: Danny Stewart


Location Super: Columbia, MO



College students and regular pizza goers have high-praises for Shakespeare’s Pizza temporarily on Eighth Street.

Manager Toby Epstein believes that their recipes have kept customers coming back for all these years.


TOBY                         TRT :08                                   OC: “recipe pretty religiously.”


Super: Toby Epstein, Shakespeare’s Downtown Manager


“We established a recipe early on in our business and we’ve stuck to that recipe pretty religiously.”
Since 1973, Shakespeare’s has stuck to their great recipes and it has been dishing out what some call Columbia’s best pizza.

The recipes have been kept consistent and Epstein is a great advocate for them.

TOBY                          TRT :14                                               OC: “in our product.”


“The central part of the recipes has been the same. So, at all of our locations and in our frozen pizza department, everything is made the exact same way and so that’s how we keep a consistency in our product.”

Of course it is the ingredients in these recipes that make the pizza so delicious.

Epstein advertises that Shakespeare’s only includes local and fresh ingredients in their pizzas.

TOBY                          TRT :15                                               OC: “made by us.”


“What does make our pizza good is the quality of the ingredients. The fact that we don’t have anything frozen, we prep everything ourselves. We shred our own cheese, we make our own sauce, everything is made by us.”


Shakespeare’s must cater to a large audience in Columbia.

Student Todd Rogers believes Shakespeare’s fits into his appetite.

TODD              TRT :11                                               OC: “resonate with me.”


Super: Todd Rogers, Shakespeare’s Customer


“When I first moved to Columbia, I’m originally from Chicago, I wanted a place that was good, that was tasty, that was cheap and Shakespeare’s does resonate with me.”


Speaking of Chicago: Epstein has an answer about his competitors in relation to “the best pizza”.

TOBY              TRT :10                                               OC: “competition with ourselves.”

“We don’t really try to make that argument. But, there’s lots of great pizzas out there, there’s lots of great businesses out there and we firmly believe we’re only in competition with ourselves.”



Shakespeare’s may be a college town pizza place but it has left its mark in the hearts of many.


Reporting for J2150, this is Danny Stewart.



The employees and the customers sure do keep the restaurant going strong. To find out more or order a pizza, you can go to

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