The Return of Incredibly Average, yet Amazing Adventures from Me

My long awaited return to written internet blogging has arrived.

“He’s Back.”- Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge

When Fudge said this, he wasn’t describing my return to blogging of course. He was announcing the return of Lord Voldemort.

In no way am I similar to Lord Voldemort but I digress. The reason I’m back is because I’m now officially a Big-J Journalist at the University of Missouri after two hard years of work.

This means, I’m bringing back my blog not because I’m supposed to for my current class, but because I’m getting another chance to go over my weekly experiences in reporting once again. (And just a little bit because I have to.)

From previous classes, you can scroll down this blog and find earlier cases of my thoughts and opinions about reporting and get some information about what past experiences I’ve had as a journalist. You’ll be getting the same thing now generally, but hopefully you’ll see some progress.

It’s been just over a year since I last posted to this blog. I hope since then I’ve become a better writer and a better journalist overall. Since I’ve last written, my YouTube page has grown, I’ve started a podcast, and I have more journalism work underneath my belt.

I hope what I’ve learned and experienced will help me move forward as a sports reporter for the Columbia Missourian. 

Being a reporter is something I’ve dreamed of for a long time now and now that I’m finally here, some nerves are starting to set in. I’ve done the work to get to this point and I always thought this was what the peak would be, but it’s not. I’ve got a long way to go on my journey; I’ve only just completed the first leg of it.

For now, I am the official beat writer for the University of Missouri Volleyball team. Volleyball is a sport I have little experience with but now I’ve got to be the middleman for MU’s volleyball team and basically, the rest of the world. It’s crazy to think about, but it’s something I haven’t quite digested yet.

This is my doorway into one day being a household name like Woodward and Bernstein. Though it may be nerve-racking, it’s the doorway to the rest of my life and I’m very excited to get that started.

Welcome back to my journey.


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