Challenge Accepted.

I’ve got a new challenge.

So, at the very beginning of this semester, oh, 10 whole weeks ago. TEN. Isn’t that nuts?

Well, anyway, in my first blog returning from a writing hiatus, I admitted that this whole year was going to be very hard.

This year’s craziness is forcing me to stop podcasting and it’s putting a huge stake in my YouTube video production. That part still holds true, unfortunately.

However, I thought that the main cause to this year’s craziness was going to directly link to written reporting for my classes. This isn’t the case. It still very well could be, but I’ve got a new challenge that doesn’t relate to written reporting at all.

This week, I register for my classes for next semester. Spring 2019: My Final Semester as a college student. Not one of the classes I have in my enrollment shopping cart is a writing intensive course.

I’ve definitely fallen out of love for written reporting and I haven’t exactly hidden that. So, I’ve been trying to focalize my final semester as a journalism student around multimedia journalism and emerging technologies in journalism.

In doing so, I’ve found myself doing more strategic communications work than print journalism and I’m thrilled.

But, when I tried to sign up for one class, multimedia sports journalism, I was held up from receiving a permission number for the course. The professor of the course interviewed me about my video editing capabilities.

If you read this blog and follow my YouTube page, you’ll know full well that I do pretty well at editing video. But, where I lack experience in editing video is in a news format. My hinderance lies in being a print journalism student for the last two years.

I won’t be very far behind but I’m taking this class without too wide of a base beneath me in news video editing. The course certainly isn’t for beginners.

The professor stressed this and asked me to convince him why I should get a permission number for the course.

I didn’t back down and I promised success.

My passions lie way more in multimedia work than they do in print journalism nowadays. I promised I wouldn’t fall behind. My work ethic and my passion wouldn’t allow it. My base in multimedia journalism isn’t wide but my passion for it is. I told him I’d do everything and anything I possibly can to make sure he wasn’t making a mistake.

He’s allowing me to take the class. I’ve got a brand new challenge because someone’s taking a chance on me.

I’m very excited about this specific opportunity and for my overall schedule next semester. I get to prove myself and it’s in my final semester of college.

During my reporting class last week, a visitor came to give a “master class” for journalism students. During this period, the guest gave advice to young journalists.

The one that stuck out to me most was: Don’t lose yourself, your voice or your passions. Life is going to try to make you lose all 3. Journalism acts as a way to not let it.

I’m definitely taking this opportunity to prove myself because I get to show myself for what I truly am. I don’t have to drag ass along and pretend to be enjoying myself. I’m determined to remain myself and to work hard to ace this class along with all my others next semester.

In doing so, I’ll have a degree in my hands and a personal achievement.

I can do it. I’ve even got some homework for this class already. So, I’m going to get started on that!

And now, this song is stuck in my head because it relates to my situation today….kinda. Wish me luck and enjoy the song!


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