First Few Days as a Reporter again!

In my first official day in the newsroom for Winter Break, I got to add some information to an AP article about the AP College Football Coach of the Year poll.

Considering Josh Heupel has Missouri football connections, I was able to contribute to the initial report and talk about those connections in the regular story. It’s always good to keep an eye out for things like this on the sports desk because people around here like MU connections in national sporting news.

Here, I just saw the original tweet (which I embedded into the text) and I thought that was newsworthy enough to have a small brief written about it.

Even briefs need some density though. So, I researched a bit about recent renovations to both the Hearnes Center and Mizzou Arena and related those back to the addition of the new scoreboard.

I also contacted an assistant AD for Mizzou Athletics and he gave me quick answers to the questions I had about the scoreboard change. He also told me that I should change my Twitter profile picture because I reached out for the info on Twitter at first. I ended up doing this but he went off on me a bit so that didn’t feel good. But, I at least got the information I was looking for and created some content yesterday.

I also wrote two stories over the weekend and I’m really happy with these. My editor complimented me on them both and the Bowl feature was made the Sports centerpiece for the website on Sunday. It was really cool.

It’s also awesome that I get to cover football. It’s a great honor and it’s my first time doing it. So to have a successful couple of stories after my first weekend was definitely a great feeling.

Though, the access to players and coaches can be very limited, I’ve only gotten good stuff so far. So we’ll see how that plays out moving forward.

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