Friday was another busy day. The breaking news rumor from the night before broke Friday morning. We were all over it and the phone calling process began all over again but this time, we had an official release as a base to go off of. It was fun to work on this and the calls and experience was definitely interesting considering the night before, everything was being hushed up for no clear reason and then they sent out a release at 9 a.m. the next morning. It was odd, but it was fun to track all this stuff down in the Musgrove story.

The legal fees story turned into my primary work for the day though. That was more of the same. Calling, leaving messages and waiting for calls or emails back. Saturday morning, a source from the story said we were wrong about him having to pay the number presented. We would be wrong if we said explicitly that he had to pay it. I never wrote that he had to pay it. It’s heavily alluded to, but it’s not said. This is an ongoing issue for the time being I guess.

The basketball story was an easy way to start the weekend. After the long week covering a bunch of stuff I had never covered before, it was good to just relax and go cover a basketball game. It was a great game too which made it more satisfying. Though I had to walk to Hickman. I’m just glad it was at Hickman because it’s within walking distance….I need an effing car I think. This story was also another centerpiece one for sports.

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