After a month of collecting all my thoughts and emotions toward Kingdom Hearts 3, I present to you: MY SPOILER REVIEW AND DISCUSSION!

A lot of work and thought went into this video and I’m really glad I was able to get my thoughts into a not-so-concise review. This game was the end of one journey and the beginning of another. It was amazing. It has so much meaning to me and to many. My review is unbiased and honest. Please stick with me and hear what I have to say about Kingdom Hearts 3!

Intro: (00:00:00)-(00:03:12)

Beginning of Game: (00:03:12)-(00:09:46)

Olympus: (00:09:46)-(00:13:39)

Gummi-Ships: (00:13:39)-(00:15:57)

Music: (00:15:57)-(00:18:29)

TWTWN, Remy’s Bistrot & 100 Acre Wood: (00:18:29)-(00:22:55)

Toy Box & Kingdom of Corona: (00:22:55)-(00:27:42)

Monstropolis & Arendelle: (00:27:42)-(00:32:25)

The Caribbean & San Fransokyo: (00:32:25)-(00:38:32)




Aqua Portion/Saving Ven: (00:39:07)-(00:42:46)

Attraction Flow and Why it Sucks: (00:42:46)-(00:45:21)

The Final World: (00:45:21)-(00:48:56)

The Keyblade Graveyard & Kairi Rant: (00:48:56)-(00:52:41)

Scala Ad Caelum: (00:52:41)-(00:54:44)

Overall Story thoughts + Secret Movie: (00:54:44)-(01:00:19)

Post-Game Content and Longevity: (01:00:19)-(01:03:54)

Will there be a Final Mix?: (01:03:54)-(01:05:58)

MY VERDICT ON KH3: (01:05:58)-(01:07:33)

BIG FINISH: (01:07:33)-END


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