12/26 & 12/27


After the Christmas holidays and a hectic two-day swing from CoMo to Chicago back to CoMo in about 26 hours, Wednesday’s experience in the newsroom was a pretty fun experience despite being exhausting.

This was my first ever non-sports story. It seemed pretty daunting at first but I got into a flow shortly into my research. Jeanne guided me along as I made calls and emails while also scouring boring government documents to come up with the information in this story.

It was a rewarding feeling when I got done with it. Though it was rewarding and fun at the end of the day, I definitely have more of an appreciation for sports writing now. But, it’s nice to know that I can do more than just do sports writing in my long hiatus from regular news journalism. This was reassurance in that.




I worked GA for the sports desk on Thursday night. I wrote up the Local Briefs and Local Roundup by scouring Twitter and other internet sources to find scores for games that we were unable to cover. That was fun and I prefer the night-side shift on the sports desk over the day-shift in the newsroom.

The Mizzou football story I was able to pull together in a couple short hours. Michael had given me a few quotes from Thursday’s practices and I put them together in a quotes package story alongside some fun tidbits that I had seen on Twitter throughout the day. This was fun to do and I’m glad that I was given that information and pulled it all together in a short amount of time.

I also embedded a bunch of tweets into the football story and I think it’s always good to have a strong web-based presence for my content. So embedding tweets is a good thing to do and know. It also got the editor’s pick tag.

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