12/28 & 12/29



Friday night, I did more of the same from Thursday night. I worked GA and I was able to put together a package on the quotes that we received from Liberty Bowl practice again. I also embedded tweets that showed each team visiting St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

The Local Roundup was actually the hardest part of the night because when something’s not covered, it’s very hard to find information about something. I couldn’t find very much with the Hickman girls basketball game and that definitely shows in the roundup. Tolton basketball and Hickman wrestling were more successful finds because people actually covered them and there were viable tweets out there with the information I needed. There’s a reason it’s a roundup and not a full-fledged story but it’s nicer to have at least some sort of box score for a basketball game, even if it’s a slaughter fest.


Saturday, I wrote my first Mizzou women’s basketball story. I got the opportunity to go out to practice on the awfully cold day that was Friday and I interviewed the players and coach.

They knew that I was new covering them but they were all really nice and that helped the situation mightily.

I’m covering the game on Sunday so to be able to write the preview definitely helps how I’ll cover the game.

I thought the “dog mentality” mentioned was a nice tidbit that I was able to go off on and include throughout the story. I also inserted in the Game Information box that’s showing up on web. This also got chosen as an Editor’s Pick.

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