A very busy Monday morning had me doing the most work of the break so far for me. Not only did I do a local news story about a donation campaign. I also covered the Columbia College basketball game and came up with a feature idea from that game.

I’ve never had more than two stories on my mind at once. But today, I had like 5. It was nuts but I pulled it all together and made it work.

Before the day really got started, Scott updated my crime reports from yesterday with the latest information. He allowed me to peek over his shoulder so I understood how to update an ongoing story like that.

Then, he assigned me to the campaign story. I got great sources and interviews for the CoMoGives story with the help from Scott. Scott also edited my story and helped fill in the holes while I was covering the Columbia College game.

The Columbia College game came into fruition with a few texts between Michael and I. We weren’t originally planning on covering it but it was something for me to do sports-wise, so I did. From that texting exchange though, Michael told me to come up with a feature idea on top of the gamer.

While writing the CoMoGives story and working up my approach for Columbia College, I was simultaneously writing a sports brief about the Mizzou baseball team’s high GPA for the fall semester.

Today was absolutely crazy because I accomplished everything I was told to do and more. It feels really good and it also feels good to have taken all that on the run and still made it all work.

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