1/1 & 1/2




Happy New Year all.

I spent the entirety of New Year’s Day writing up the two larger stories that ended up posting on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, I added to each story by accuracy checking everything. The Nic Reynolds feature is my first true focused feature in a while. My football stories can be considered features however, it’s been a while since I wrote a real profile feature.

It was great to get that done and it was cool because Reynolds was the first basketball player I had ever interviewed during my reporting last year. So, to tell his story this year was kinda cool. I also made centerpiece again writing this.

After that, the Gans Creek Cross Country story is  about development plans. One member of the Parks Department was extremely helpful in getting back to me with information on the development plans.

The Missouri Athletics department was not. I waited to get a call back for what felt like eons. All I needed answered was like 3 simple questions and it took hours just to get a callback.

After I did get a callback, I was able to get the information quickly. Then, when I thought all was well I got another call from a different member of the Parks department during my walk home. He thought I was fabricating information. Though the information he said I was fabricating was on a document that the Parks department had sent out.

I called Scott and my article ended up being published so obviously he worked some magic with the guy to figure the whole thing out.

It was pretty frustrating but it was good to get both of these stories out after making multi-day processes out of both.

I also wrote the Local Briefs which was solely made up of Rock Bridge wrestling in a Tri-Dual. This was just easy to do but only because somebody was actively tweeting about this meet. I was able to mine information from the tweets to write it while already at home for the night.

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