1/7 & 1/8



I was introduced to Liz on Monday the 7th and realizing that I’m willing to do more than just sports, she got excited to throw stuff my way which was exciting for me too, considering it broadens my horizons and changes my pace up significantly.

That exciting change of pace started out with a brief on agroforestry, the least exciting subject, quite possibly, ever. But it was good to establish a base with her on my willingness to do stuff.

I then worked on the Crockett stuff for the remainder of the day. It was big news considering he’s very injury prone and hasn’t played a full season for Mizzou. So, I put a lot of time and effort into making sure that readers understood that this might not be the best decision for him. But that was a fun story to do because it was the most columny kinda thing I’ve written so far.



Tuesday, I was back to sports stuff. I didn’t hang around in the newsroom much during the day because I was covering the Columbia College game that night. However, while I was in the newsroom about an hour or two prior to leaving for CC, I wrote up that baseball brief.

Covering Columbia College has grown special to me. They’re always really nice to me out there and they thank me for covering them. I can feel the genuine gratitude they have toward me covering the event. It’s become one of my favorite places to cover basketball games.

It was awesome to write about baseball, even if it was only for a brief. But during that time, I was asked by Liz to help Mark down in Jeff City on Wednesday to cover the first day of the Legislative Session. That took a majority of my focus for the rest of the day. You’ll hear more about that in my next blog.

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