1/9 & 1/10


I spent Wednesday down in Jefferson City with Mark to cover the first legislative session of the new year for Missouri’s General Assembly.

This was the most unique experience I’ve had in my young journalism career so far. Being mainly a sports reporter, covering this event seemed like it was outside my realm. However, I loved the environment. It was hectic, we were on our feet the whole time and the day flew by. It was an absolute blast.

The assembly didn’t go over too much considering that it was literally Day 1 and the majority of the day was just a recognition period by the Assembly’s family members and friends, we didn’t get too much into the thicket of legislation writing because there was no legislation. Part of the writing that I did was kind of “fish out of water” writing because it was interesting to see the beginning of what could be a very contentious or very civil relations between the Democrat and Republican senators and representatives.

I loved the experience, I’m glad I got to go and it’s something I would definitely do again.




I was back to sports again on Thursday night. I covered the surprising contest that was Columbia College almost taking down the undefeated and No. 5 ranked Missouri Baptist Spartans. That would’ve been really cool to write about the upset but I had just as much fun writing about a near-upset because I got great interviews with some guys afterward and the story practically wrote itself because the game was so awesome.

The Albert O news was breaking. The moment I had read that on Twitter, Reed texted me and asked if I could write something up. I did but I didn’t go as heavy duty into it like I did with Crockett earlier in the week because there’s kind of a low risk, high reward for Albert staying at Mizzou. He can maybe get healthy and put out a great effort with a new quarterback and he won’t be gambling on an NFL career like Crockett is. So, let’s just say the Albert O story is still developing, obviously.

The D-line news was just a good little tidbit that Michael asked me to type up. It was good to see him back in the newsroom and this was just something easy to type up.

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