1/14 & 1/15



Monday began my last week as a reporter for a while. Getting to begin my final week with football leads was bittersweet because football’s what started me on this brief, 4-week journey that’s already coming to a close.

I spent most of Monday chasing down this lead. It was all over Twitter with DeArmond on top of it but I was calling people in Mizzou and Oklahoma’s athletic offices to find anything but nobody was budging. Given how nobody was budging, it was apparent that something was definitely going down.

It was cool to contact more than just Mizzou’s athletic department but I found out that Oklahoma’s Athletic Dept. stonewalls just the same. So that was a good thing to learn as I move forward.

The headline for the story is my pride and joy of this whole intersession. It was fun to come up with headlines again because I really hadn’t done it since I edited last spring.

The International Bowl story was cool because somebody from USA Football added me to a mailing list for reporters! That’s really cool that I was able to get that lead all on my own from a mailing list.


The girls wrestling story from last night was fun to write despite there being an almost two-hour delay at Hickman due to a conflicting basketball practice. Which is just absolutely bananas. How do you let one practice interfere with a tri-school wrestling meet? It was nuts. My shoulder hurts today because I leaned against a wall for an hour and a half.

Regardless of the delay, it was cool to experience a girls wrestling meet during each school’s inaugural season. It felt like a big deal and it definitely was. I wish I wrote more but the creeping deadline and the post-meet environment made it difficult to hear from a member of each school.

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