1/16 & 1/17


Not much happened Wednesday. It was a very dry day that only saw these little tidbits of football updates. Other than that, Michael and I just talked baseball for a majority of the day.

I was supposed to do the local briefs for nightside, but we realized that the schedule we had wasn’t “Snowmageddon” updated and the games I was going to chase down got moved to Thursday night. So let’s check in on that, huh?




Thursday was kind of more of the same. After writing the Spring game brief, it was back to scanning the Twitter waves for anything that I could write about. After more baseball talk with Michael, he sent me home for the afternoon with the intention of having me do the Local Roundup later.

On my walk home, Barry Odom hired two new coaches for the football team. Timing: magnificent. I jogged home and typed up the story on both. Luckily, we got a release too so I was able to pull some quotes and info about the coaches without deep Googling.

That night, the local roundup was the easiest it’s ever been. Each team in the roundup is very active on their twitter accounts, so the information was all easy to find. It didn’t take me more than 40 minutes or so to put the whole thing together. Thank God for active Twitter feeds for local sports teams.

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