Tears of the Kingdom is already one of the most profound video game sequels of all-time

I haven’t even come close to beating it and I wanted to write about it

While Hogwarts Legacy cemented itself as an all-timer for me and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is also an incredible sequel that might be the greatest Star Wars video game ever, there’s another game that has completely taken over my life this year.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is Nintendo’s latest and greatest addition to the Zelda saga. Building on top of the revered Breath of the Wild from 2017, it was hard to imagine this game would fail to meet expectations. I even said this in my Most Anticipated Games of 2023 blog and to little surprise, this game lived up to the expectations and then some.

I haven’t even come close to finishing the game or exploring all there is to explore in Hyrule, the skies above it, and the depths below it to crown it one of the greatest sequels in the history of video games.

I’m talking Kingdom Hearts II and Batman: Arkham City levels of great.

Everything from BOTW has been improved or expanded upon and with its new Ultrahand and Fuse abilities, weapon durability, combat, and exploration have all experienced an upheaval.

People have already come up with really creative ways to play the game. Whether it’s fighting enemies with a giant dick:

Or finding a way to complete something that took me an hour to do in less than two minutes:

This game has already made its mark on gaming history. And yes, the above Shrine quest that requires you to steal a giant green crystal and transport it to a different sky island took me more than an hour. Goes to show how two different ways can lead to the same result in this game!

The frustrations didn’t stop with me there with this game, however. And yes, you can still get frustrated with a game even though you love every second of it. I’ll just go ahead and say: Fuck these guys.

I have yet to complete a certain dungeon that supposedly gets me closer to the Master Sword because of these asshole Malice hands. They consistently pursue you, drain your health, and instantly kill you if they get a hold of Link.

Every video and guide I’ve seen online too is just like “You better hope you have bomb arrows and may the Goddess Hylia shine down upon thee.” So absolutely fuck these guys.

Other than that, I’m absolutely loving this game and I can’t wait to pour hundreds of more hours into it as I inevitably collect everything like I did in its predecessor.

P.S. Hestu is back and this is one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen:


P.S. addition as of today:

I got the Master Sword but the Gloom Hands can still go fuck themselves. Hopefully the Master Sword will make any further encounters with them a little bit easier.

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